Top 10 Nutrient Rich Foods That Fight Diseases

Our lifestyles are a reflection of the body health. Currently, the people are after taking balanced diets and running away from artificially processed foods to natural or what’s commonly known as organic foods.

A balanced diet is a meal which contains all the essential nutrients including proteins, vitamins, lipids, carbohydrates, and minerals in the right proportions. These nutrients are good for growth and development of our bodies and in the same case, some foods have the extra-value: the disease-fighting component. Disease-fighting foods are also known as functional foods: foods which besides providing us with essential nutrients have medicinal properties to cure/ control the common chronic diseases for example cancer, anti-inflammatory foods list, anti-diabetic among others.

With the rapidly changing customer demand for the organic foods, manufacturers have taken to the industries to fit in this demands which leads to flooding “organic –labeled” foods in the market. Where will you find the best and genuine nutrient rich and disease-fighting foods? The answer is right here!

1. Green Tea and Black Tea


Both green and black tea has catechin compounds which present the phytonutrient ability of the food product. Although both have the compound, the concentration is more in green tea.  Green tea is rich in EGCG catechins that present the anti-oxidative properties. The anti-oxidative roles of the catechins wipe out the free radicals in the body which are precursors of inflammations. Image Box & Buttons

The EGCG compounds in green tea a have an effect of preventing the development of cancer cells at any stage in the human body through inhibition of the catalyzing enzymes and induction of apoptosis of the grown cells without e=affecting the healthy body cells and tissues.

2. Nuts


The natural nuts which are eaten whole by the people are a good source of essential polyunsaturated fats the likes of omega 3. Omega 3 has anti-hypertensive effect on the human body, lowers the cases of obesity and improves the cardiovascular system health. Walnut is an example of these nutrient-rich foods under the class of nuts as it is a whole package of carbohydrates which serves as the core source of energy in our bodies, they contain amino acids (ellagic acid, arginine) which besides giving the body-building effect have the nutraceutical property of fighting the cancer cells.

Nuts are a good source of tocopherol (vitamin E) which in addition to body nourishment has anti-oxidative property and anti-inflammatory effects to humans.

3. Natural sweeteners


Natural sweeteners are obtained from natural sources, for example is honey. Honey is a food packed with nutrients. It has sugars which provide the body with energy while other polymers present are indigestible and serve as prebiotics which encourages the growth of probiotics in the gastrointestinal tract.

When you consume honey, one develops the feeling of satiety which in coordination with the low glycemic index of the sweetener; this translates to the regulation of the blood sugars hence control of diabetes, weight gain and obesity.

4. Fresh kales


Are you a fanatic of talking a gulp of smoothies every morning before going to the office?  Adding the fresh kales in your blender would be a good deal in your healthy nutrient-laden diet!  Kales are good sources of vitamins A, C, K, and B6. Not only the vitamins, but they also contain good concentrations of copper. Magnesium and iron plus the soluble fibers that improve the GIT health

Kales in our diet will fight the cancer development, lower the cholesterol levels in our blood and for the expectant mothers, it’s a good source of folate which enhances the fetus development.

5. Low-fat and fermented dairy product


Milk is a good source of calcium, iron and magnesium minerals. Not only the minerals, but it also contains vitamins and lipids which are good for a balanced diet. Speaking of fermented product they include the kefir, yogurt, and cheese.

The fermented milk product contains beneficial bacteria: Lactobacillus species, which have the probiotic effect in the human GIT. The probiotics prevent the development of stomach upsets.

6. Fish products and seafood


The seafood consists of things like salmon, tuna codfish among others. When you are eating the fish and their product, you expose yourself and your family to a world of essential polyunsaturated fatty acid: omega 3 and 6, EPA and DHA, proteins and minerals. With this said, it’s a recommendation to add this product to your daily preparations

The nutrients from seafood eradicate chronic diseases including diabetes, hypertension, and other cardiovascular disorders. Moreover, they act as immune-modulatory agents and improve the human’s cognitive abilities.

7. Onions


The onion is a spicy ingredient in our daily food preparation. But wait, do you know that every bite you have with onions spice is a new step in a healthy living? No? Here is the answer!

Onions contain a high concentration of flavonoid antioxidants which are inhibiting agents to cancer cell development, and anti-inflammatory agent. In addition to the flavonoids, they are laden with organosulphur compounds that add the anti-cancer effects.

8. Grapes and berries


To many, the grapes and berries are delicious fruits that soothe their throats and quench their thirst. When eaten raw, they are good sources of vitamin C, which enhance the development of a healthy skin. The superfruits contain phenolic compounds that play the anti-oxidants, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory roles in the human body.

Add this fruits in your daily diet if you haven’t been taking them and you will bid bye to blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems.

9. Avocado fruits


Avocados are tropical fruits high in vegetable oils, phytochemicals, minerals, and vitamins. The medicinal effect of the avocados arises from the beta-Sitosterol; constituents that control the blood cholesterol by blocking its absorption. Folate concentrations are significant in the avocado fruit and this is good for neural development in the fetus.

10. Whole grains and their products


Whole grains are the wheat, oats, barley, brown rice and corn, though this doesn’t exhaust the whole list. These are low-fat foods high in both soluble and insoluble fibers. Fibers in the digestive system lower the absorption rate of food, gives the feeling of satiety always and this helps to control the weight gains.

What’s more? Whole grain fiber inhibits cholesterol absorptions by binding to the receptor sites regulating the total blood lipids and cholesterol, curb diabetes, coronary heart disease and is a prebiotic compound for the development of a healthy gut.

Moreover, they contain a significant amount of mineral and a good source of energy in the body.

Eat healthily and fight the noxious diseases in a natural way with this nutrient-rich disease-fighting foods and you will enjoy each step of your life henceforth.

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