Essential Kitchen Tools You Need To Make Healthy Meals

It might happen in an unexpected way at first: for a delicious chicken breast recipe, you will need proper roasting, a roasting pan and the proper ingredients for that. You will also need to measure every ingredient before the preparation. During the preparation, you will need to chop, mice and cut pieces of veggies and chicken in julienne. The only way to prepare this recipe the right way is by having the essential kitchen tools and skills at hand. Otherwise, tell your mom to do it for you. Or ask her to tell you some kitchen tools names that may help you.

Maybe it’s time to start replacing all cookbooks and coasters with real kitchen tools. All of them were made for an intended purpose. You will need to purchase other kitchen supplies because cooking is not all about grabbing cups and spoons. For that, it is necessary to buy the right supplies, regardless if you are a first-timer or a nearly professional amateur cook.

List of Essential Kitchen tools:

Chef’s knife

It is arguably one of the most versatile kitchen tools of all. Why? This is because you can use it for chopping, dicing without the need of continually switching instruments. With a chef’s knife, you will be like a karate kid. Stainless steel knives are more durable and thus better because they are resistant to rust.

The most expensive chef’s knife can cost around $100, but a 20-dollar model can do an excellent job.

Cutting board

For some, this is the workhorse of every kitchen. Just ask yourself: when don’t you need any support for chopping and dicing? Therefore a cutting board comes to be necessary. There are two versions available in the marketplace: plastic and wood. Plastic models are good because they are affordable and accessible to find. But wooden cutting boards are better because they are more resistant and cleaner as wood keeps germs at bay. It’s one of the considered best kitchen gadgets anybody could have!

Kobi Michigan is highly recommended.

Measuring cups and spoons

Have you ever heard Mary Poppins mentioning the words “teaspoon of sugar” or “tablespoon”? Well, they are measuring tools and let me tell you, they are crucial for cooking a recipe the right way because you won’t make a blunder at the moment of serving sizes. Did you a cup of cereal was so small? Well… it actually is!

You can buy a measuring cup for up to $3.

Kitchen shears

A pair of kitchen shear is the next item of this kitchen tools list.

This one was, for many years, one of the most underrated kitchen supplies but it’s currently one of the favourites of cooks. Why? There are many reasons for bigging it up? You can use a pair of kitchen shears for slicing and cutting meat, veggies and dried fruit. Having kitchen shears will make cooking simpler. Consider replacing your scissors with this fantastic tool. Scissors are good, but the shears are better.

Crate and Barrel is a recommended kitchen shear brand.


I guess you’ve used a pot lid for draining pasta, and it worked but let me tell you a colander does the trick also because it is specifically designed for that. A colander is made for draining pasta and will make you look like a pro. Chefs recommend removing veggies and fruits with a colander. Say bye-bye to soggy pasta with this kitchen tool. A colander is undoubtedly one of the essential kitchen tools you must get if you don’t have any.

Pricey? Not at all. It can cost you up to $1.

Look for a stainless steel colander because they can withstand the passing of time.

Can Opener

I guess you’ve been in the situation of not being able to open a pumpkin can because you don’t have a can opener, haven’t you? We have been there at least once in our lives.  And it also applies for coconut milk and beans cans, which are hard to crack. Fortunately, most of these cans include pop-tops today but it hurts no one to be prepared for these situations.

Buying a can opener won’t dig in your pocket either as it only costs $20 or less.

Editors recommend Anco Houseworks Swings because it’s portable and user-friendly.

Mixing bowls

Many people have a misconception about mixing bowls and use them only to bake things. Mixing bowls are more versatile than you think. Utilize them to marinate salad and meat. Also, make dressings and dips.

Avoid glass blows because they can easily break or chip. Experts recommend light stainless steel models for their durability.

You can get a top-quality mixing bowl for only $30.

Pirex Smart is a recognised brand.


Who doesn’t have a blender at home? Actually, not having one of these is rare. People use blenders to mix fruit and make smoothies with them. They use them to make soups, drinks, sauces, and butter. So, we conclude blenders are just versatile, and they can mix almost everything you put in them in a matter of seconds. A blender is an all-in-one appliance.

The price range of blenders does vary. Some cost $20 while others can cost 20 times more. So, make your choice.


Do you have a cheese grater in your kitchen? I guess you do because most people have one for grating cheese and preparing quesadilla. However, only a bunch of people know that graters are also suitable for shredding citrus fruits like lemons, vegetables and chocolate. As a matter of the fact that chefs and skilful people in the kitchen, use it for shredding potatoes and zucchini. So, how do you think people make hash browns?

CHEFS 6s-sliced Stainless steel is one of the top-rated graters in the market today.


If you thought that a whisk was only made for whipping cream and beating, you were wrong. Try it for preparing vinaigrettes, removing lumps that remain in sauces and gravies, and combining dry ingredients before baking,

A silicone whisk can be an excellent option for its durability and affordability ($6)

Vegetable Peeler

If you are looking to make healthy recipes at home, you definitely must get a vegetable peeler in your kitchen. Peeling veggies with a peeler are different and virtually foolproof. Use it for peeling tubers like potatoes and create veggie ribbons.  It slices Parmesan cheese with ease.

A peeler costs less than $49. Invest in this fantastic kitchen tool!


Tongs are some of the kitchen tools names you should most consider here. They are nothing short of versatile. Use them to serve salads, flip meat, squeeze juice, and toss other ingredients. Not to mention that some people use them as a bottle opener.

ECKO Angled Serving is one of the best tongs in the market and costs only $5.

Rolling Pin

If you love making the dough, you need a rolling pin to create pies, low-calorie tortillas and pizzas. People leverage their versatility for making great holiday cookies in Christmas.

The price of this kitchen tool ranges from $5 to $60.


Don’t let the name trick you. It is true that they are made for sauces, but it’s also a fact that their use goes beyond that. Saucepans are one of the most common kitchen items, but you can use them to simmer soups and male quinoa. Beautiful!

Search for a stainless steel model like that Cuisinart Chef. It only costs $40 thus far.


To summary the information, we conclude that some kitchen items are more important than others because of their versatility. For preparing healthy meals, you need much more than the articles we’ve explained in this article but, in essence, there’s no difference between a kitchen of a French fries eater and a vegan. If you’re a vegan, consider purchasing a chef’s knife and a can opener as they are the best kitchen gadgets for veggie fans.

All items are useful and can do the trick. All depends on your needs.

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