Clean Kitchen Tips: How To Keep The Kitchen Clean And Healthy

Every household has a kitchen compartment, of course, but the question sets in here: how clean is your kitchen? How safe it the clean both for and your family? And is the place suitable for healthy and safe food preparation practices? A healthy kitchen means a healthy and happy family day in day out. Cleaning the kitchen is quite a hectic job many if we all agree but we must maintain its hygienic status. Each person has their cleaning tips home but we need to understand that cleaning is not the same as keeping it clean and healthy. Relax! Here is a summary of the how-to-do tips to maintain the healthy kitchen.

Work out the spills once they occur

Did you just spill the milk on the floor while serving in the glass? Get the mess cleaned immediately rather than waiting for a later moment to do so. Cleaning the mess soon helps eradicate the case of mold, bacteria growth as well as the development of some foul odors in the kitchen.

Is it a liquid spill? Clear it with a damp cloth. Solid food residues? Scooping with a spoon would do justice to it and later you can spray the affected top with an all-purpose cleaner to leave the surface sparkling clean.

Besides keeping the kitchen clean, wiping spill once they occur helps to improve the safety. How? food spill both liquid and liquids on the floors pose a risk to humans as they would lead to accidental falls when one slides.

Leave the countertops clear and free form congestions

Imagine after you done making the breakfast you leave the kitchen countertop too congested that you lack a space to place the tea mugs. The kitchen will look too disorganized and this sends a bad picture to all your friends and impromptu visitors who come to your home.

It’s is good that we leave only what is necessary on the countertops to leave it looking neat and super organized. A clean kitchen will always send an appetizing mood to your visitors each moment you hold a dinner party at your place.

A clear countertop will present the chef with a free food preparation space that making your turning hassle-free. How to keep the countertop clear? You can store the small kitchen appliance in the kitchen cabinets, put out the entire ingredients in the pantry and also set up a drawer for the randomly used tools and equipment.

Regular garbage disposal and cleanups

The garbage disposal site would be a breeding area for various hazardous pests and insects not mentioning the bad odor that the garbage will emit. Kitchen garbage disposal need be emptied regularly and clean after the disposals to maintain the hygienic standards in your kitchen.

Flash the disposal with clean water, pouring baking powder or frozen vinegar cubes into the waste disposal are alternative actions one can utilize to keep is clean and odor free.

Install the cupboards and drawers with shelf liners

Owning a kitchen that’s well furnished is quite welcoming and every chef’s; either a home-made chef or a professional chef, happiness. Shelf-liners are reusable, easy to clean and durable. they help to maintain the quality of your wooden cupboards in that they take care of any liquid dampening, foods spill and stubborn stains.

Use the shelf-liners and you will be killing two birds with one stone. How? The liners are easy to clean unlike wiping the messy drawers maintaining the hygiene in your kitchen and at the same time, it maintains the quality of your furniture a lifetime.

Clean the dishes and other utensils after every meal

Have you had your breakfast, lunch or dinner? Don’t leave the cups and plates stuck in the kitchen sink. No! Kitchen cleanups are not an enjoyable task but once you do it after every food eating and preparation, this simplifies the whole menace.

Dirty dishes are a predisposing factor to attract the flies and other nuisance insects in the kitchen which lead to food contamination and a rise in food poisoning. After every food preparation, clear the tables, wash the dishes, dry them and clean the sink too not forgetting the spills.

Unload the dishwasher at end of every cycle

Are you done washing the breakfast cups and mugs, well don’t leave them in the dishware machine rather empty it, dry the dishes and store them in their respective drawers? Clearing the dishwasher after every cycle gives way for the next batch of utensils to be cleaned as well as avoids congestion in the kitchen sinks hence a clean and tidy kitchen.

Consider the size of the garbage containers

Just like every household has its own way of doing things, the same case applies to the amount of garbage disposal on daily basis. Therefore, when purchasing the garbage containers, settle for the size that is large enough to accommodate the house wastes.

When the containers are small- sized, the waste will get full so fast, and they will be overflowing if not emptied frequently and this leaves your kitchen looking a mess. Overflowing waste makes the kitchen look dirty and unkempt and in the same time pose tripping hazards in the kitchen.

Practicing safe food handling and preparation

Keeping the kitchen clean and healthy is not only a case of clean utensils and floors, no! it gets all the way up to hygienic food preparation and handling techniques. This includes process like refrigeration of raw meat and perishable fruits and vegetables to extend their keeping quality.

The cook has to keep his hand clean always. How? You have to wash your hands regularly before and after handling preparing the meals. Washing hands before and after helps to prevent cross-contamination of your foods.

After doing the cooking, it’s always good to clean and sanitize the areas around to prevent the growth of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria. Clean the cutting tools and all other utensils used In preparing the food. Additionally, it would be good if you refrigerate the leftovers to keep them safe and free from contaminants.

Still, on safe food handling practices, it’s advisable when the cooks use different chopping boards for the raw food and ready-to-eat foods. This is a good step in ensuring that no cross-contamination is occurring in the whole food-preparation process.

Keep the fridge and freezer clean

It is necessary that one keeps the fridge clean to ensure it doesn’t contaminate the foods storing inside. By clean, it means cleaning the outside and inside of the kitchen appliance to give a thorough cleanliness.

Summing all this up, remember that a healthy food and hygienic environments equal to a happy lively life for you and the entire family. Take the step to be the source of joy and safety to all your friends and family members today by practicing these cleaning tips in your kitchen.

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