Best Under Counter Ice Maker Reviews in 2019

Have you ever gone to a party and wondered how ice was never a limiting factor to derive fun? If so, then the idea of an under counter ice maker will come in handy. Entertainment comes at a price and equipped with the best under counter ice maker will elevate your experience of a cold glass of your favourite drink. All this can be enhanced with a few flakes or cubes of ice dropped in it.

Notwithstanding the idea of having the ice machine, many manufacturers have engaged in the production of the equipment leading to oversupply. This has dramatically affected poor buying decision since getting an ideal ice maker is never again a walk in the park. But, this guide will get your cover. Stick with the under counter ice maker reviews that we prepared for you.

Our Recommendation

Top Pick

Sunpentown IM-150US

Based on our findings, Sunpentown IM-150US has managed to top the category of best under counter ice makers today. Regardless its small size, the overal performance can’t be outshined by most premium quality designs in the making. First off, the auto shutoff function is exclussively performing, most importantly when the ice bin is full. How exceptionally that is. It can make up to six pounds per trip, accumulating to 12 pounds at the end of the day. It’s defrosting is conducted manually whenever need would be. Once you have it in your premises, you’ll never get enough of it.

Budget Pick

EdgeStar IB120SS

Yes, we opted for EdgeStar IB120SS because of the reasons we are going to describe shortly. One of the main reason is its low price. But it doesn’t mean that the ice machine is deprived of its quality whenever we mention of its cost-efficiency. If you are low on your budget but still wish to take home an amazing under counter ice maker, then this design will take care of your need in style. It’s relatively easy to install and use. It comes with auto shutoff feature too, and ice production is similar to its competitor Sunpentown IM-150US. Lastly, it also operates as a freezer.

10 Best Under Counter Ice Maker Reviews

1. Sunpentown IM-150US Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker with Freezer

Key Features

  • Stainless steel door
  • Black cabinet
  • Stores up to six pounds of ice
  • Produces up to 12 pounds a day
  • Comes with a manual defrost

In our quest for the best under counter ice maker reviews, we came across Sunpentown IM-150US. This ice machine captured the features that you will appreciate much. One of the many highlights is the storage size. Like many kitchen gadgets, storage capacity is a priority. Having six-pound size will make sure you never run out of ice in your home. Besides, the ability to make up to twelve pounds of ice daily comes in handy. Therefore, if you desire to obtain lots of ice flakes, go with this design. And that’s not enough. It has auto shut off feature that enables the ice machine to stops operating the moment the ice bin is full. In this case, you won’t need any draining option hence no additional cost.

Furthermore, this machine has a manual defrost that it comes with. Its main agenda is to ensure no ice clogs on the parts of the interior. Overall, Sunpentown IM-150US is a stainless steel door construction furnished with black cabinets to enhance the solid look of your kitchen.


  • It makes and stores much ice
  • The manual defrost come in handy
  • No drain required
  • Has an auto shutoff


  • Sometimes the ice may fall back behind the ice bucket
  • The ice cubes are a little small hence don’t last long

Bottom line
If you’re interested in an ice machine that does not require any drain option, then Sunpentown IM-150US is the ideal product for you. The module shuts off whenever the ice bin is full. Also, it comes with a manual defrost to reduce maintenance challenge.

2. U-Line BI95B

Key Features:

  • Requires ¼ inch water line connection diameter
  • The ice production rate of 23 lbs
  • Low power consumption
  • Durable and reliable

Electronic devices tend using much power, especially when we put ice machines into play. Well, pilling up a budget for you at the end of the month might compromise the other plans you wish to set up. Now, having U-Line BI95B in your kitchen today will give you the benefits of managing your electricity bills at the same time delivering enough ice to satisfy your family of restaurant need. With a production rate of 23 lbs, this machine utilizes less than three gallons of water to make its ice bin full. Also, it requires ¼ inch outside diameter to schedule for water line connection. This ice maker is not only reliable but also durable in the face of kitchen conditions. You have this in your kitchen; you will never cry for more ice any time soon.


  • It is durable
  • This is a reliable ice machine
  • Ice rate up to 23 lbs
  • Minimizes power cost
  • Use less than three gallons of water


  • Quite small for a large group
  • Costly to obtain one

Bottom line
If you are seeking for a durable and reliable ice maker that will deliver 23 lbs every making process? Well, U-Line BI95B will relay all its advantages without an extra charge. This ice maker is a must-have for anyone wishing to set up a drinking spot.

3. EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker

Key Features:

  • Has a front venting
  • ADA height compliant
  • 25 foot long
  • Reversible door swings
  • Ice scoop included plus water line
  • On/off switch and auto shut-off
  • Production rate 12 pounds per day, 6 pounds when full

The EdgeStar IB120SS is an ideal choice for anyone looking to obtain a freezer and ice maker combo. This is a brilliant selection since it does not require any permanent drain line while ensuring the ice produced last longer than the regular ice makers. You will wonder how you didn’t notice it earlier. Its installation is simple, thanks to its 25 inches standing. If the environment you want to expose it to is wet bar or kitchen, this design can withstand. The right stainless steel door and the black body will match any kitchen decor. Well, touching on its production rate, this ice machine can deliver 12 pounds of crescent ice throughout. Furthermore, it includes ¼ water line plus ice scoop, and it meets ADA height requirements.



  • Operates as a freezer and ice maker
  • No drain line required
  • 12-pound production per day
  • Simple & freestanding installation
  • Reversible door
  • Easy and convenient to use


  • Instructions come in Chinese
  • Very small

Bottom line
EdgeStar IB120SS offers freestanding installation thanks to its front venting. Also, you will have a chance of enjoying its freezer properties which makes it not require any drain line. This device is capable of storing ice in its frozen state for hours compared to the ordinary designs. Stay tuned.

4. Whynter-UIM-502SS Ice Cube Maker

Key Features:

  • Stores up to 25 lbs
  • Production rate per day; 50 pounds
  • Sleek stainless door
  • Black cabinets
  • 3.0A current
  • Freestanding installation

Until currently, EdgeStar IB120SS has proven its quest to appear among the best under counter ice maker reviews. You may be wondering why? Well, as you can see, Whynter engineered this ice machine to store 25 lbs of ice cubes which when calculated to cover 24 hours, it’s expected to deliver up to 50 pounds. That’s so much, dude. Its built-in installation makes it super easy to set up. You won’t need much assistance anyway since the procedure is straightforward. Also, the sleek stainless steel door blend with the black cabinet to enhance your kitchen; these colors are known to blend with most kitchen appearance. Moreover, it comes with auto shut-off whenever the ice been is full thus saving energy and relieving electricity bills. The machine uses 3.0 A of electricity.



  • Quality ice cubes production
  • Can make up to 50 lbs of ice per day
  • Shuts off automatically when the ice bin is full
  • Use less power


  • Very expensive

Bottom line
Get restaurant quality clear ice cubes every second you open your ice maker. It’s not magic, once you have EdgeStar IB120SS at your convenience. Silver door and the black cabinet will match with your kitchen colors the way you never expected. You only have to make that decision.

5. Koldfront KIM450BL Ice Maker

Key Features:

  • 25 lbs ice storage
  • 45 lbs production a day
  • Removable ice bin
  • Ice scoop included
  • A draining method required
  • Computerized controls
  • Black in color

Are you stuck finding an ideal ice machine? Well, if that is the case, we have included Koldfront KIM450BL as part of the under counter ice maker reviews. This machine comes with a removable ice bin and an included scoop that ensures ice collection is easy and straightforward. Also, the ease of removing the ice makes it easy to clean and maintain the ice maker. Now let’s focus on its capacity; yes, it has a storage compartment to store 25 lbs at one instance. However, if you want to obtain more than that, the ice machine is capable of producing a minimum of 45 lbs of ice in a day. Setting it up is simple, enhanced by the three installation steps which you can understand quickly. Its nature of controls are computerized, and the door is reversible. You will love this design, especially when you want to obtain premium features at a good value.



  • Quick follow installation steps
  • Removable ice bin for easy maintenance and ice retrieval
  • Restaurant quality clear hard ice cubes
  • up to 45 lbs production in a day


  • Scooping the ice is entirely a hassle
  • It produces a loud noise

Bottom line
If you have been looking for insulated ice storage then today we present to you Koldfront KIM450BL which can store 25 lbs of ice every production. And that’s not just it; installation only involves three easy steps with less hassle. This design comes with computerized controls.

6. SPT IM-600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker

Key Features:

  • Use only filtered water
  • A licensed plumber to do the installation
  • Auto shutoff feature in the list
  • stainless steel door and black cabinet
  • freestanding application
  • makes up to 50 lbs of ice daily
  • Stores up to 25 lbs of ice

SPT IM-600US can produce restaurant quality clear ice up to 50 lbs in a day. In the storage cabinet, it can accommodate up to 25 pounds of ice. Furthermore, its ice bin is removable, making cleaning easy. Its ease of installation as under counter ice maker is dictated by its height which can fit in most counters. However, if the size of the clearance under your shelf is any smaller, you can use the machine in a freestanding application.

Additionally, this design can only work with filtered water if you want it to deliver longlasting results. In the accessory kit, you will find a drain hose, ice scoop, and the water supply hose destined to service your ice requirement.  The compressor of this ice maker shuts down when the ice bin is full of ice.



  • Filtered water produces better tasting ice cubes
  • Longlasting design
  • Reversible door for quicker and convenient retrieval
  • Overall color can blend with any kitchen decor


  • Only filtered water can be used
  • A licensed plumber must be the one to do the installation hence the extra cost

Bottom line
Whenever you get this statement that you can only allow a licensed plumber to install the ice machine, you should know that this equipment is a beast — one hell of a premium product whose performance is unmatched from the conventional ice makers.

7. Maxx Ice MIM50 Self Contained Ice Maker

Key Features:

  • Air-cooled condenser
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Produces up to 50 lbs daily
  • Easy to operate and maintain

If you are looking to get an easy to use under counter ice maker, then Maxx Ice MIM50 will do you a great favor in ensuring even maintenance is taken into consideration. Enjoy the automatic cleaning feature which is progressive as it stands alone while you do other chores. This is amazing. Of course, your friends will love to dine with you in an evening cup of the cup of your favorite drink. The air-cooled condenser is high-performing aiding in the effectiveness of the ice machine and prosperity. Besides, the stainless construction will ensure you get a consistent result for an extended period. This machine is built to last. It has a capacity of 25 pounds, delivering 50 pounds on a daily basis.



  • Maintenance and usage of this ice machine is straightforward
  • Cleansing is automatic hence fast
  • Durable thanks to its stainless steel construction
  • Output capacity up to 50 lbs for extensive use


  • Quite noisy and expensive too

Bottom line
Maxx Ice MIM50 is here to sort out the individuals with high demand for ice and less time to keep on monitoring the machine. This is due to the automatic cleaning cycle pre-programmed by its manufacturer. Also, the stainless steel construction will ensure its longevity is not comprehended.

8. Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Reports on water condition through a control panel
  • produces uniquely-shaped ice cubes
  • Clear and odorless
  • slow melting solid ice
  • Comes with an inbuilt drain pump

If you’ve ever gone to your refrigerator, only to find that your ice isn’t yet ready, then you should start thinking about grabbing this ice machine for your family. Scotsman CU50GA is designed for both home and commercial application in mind. It is for this reason that this engine can work excellently well in a restaurant. Not to quote about its size,26 lbs, that makes it deliver enough solid ice for everyone in the play. This design ideal for bar and under-counter application. It comes with a control panel where all activities are reported to, about water condition. For those of you who have no idea of its existence, this is your chance to take this fantastic kitchen equipment.



  • Ensures the ice produced does not dilute your drink
  • Ideal for bar and under counter application
  • Comes with a control that will inform you about the water condition
  • Good size that delivers


  • Very expensive to acquire even though it delivers as promised

Bottom line
This design comes with a built-in drain pump that ensures installation flexibility has been achieved. This will translate to minimize installation costs in the long run. The type of water quality sensor can extend time especially between cleanings for useful results.

9. Whynter UIM-502SS Clear Ice Cube Maker

Key Features:

  • Built-in installation
  • Sleek design
  • Steel door and black cabinets
  • Stores 25 lbs of ice
  • Has auto shut off features
  • Restaurant quality ice
  • makes 50 lbs of ice a day

Whynter UIM-502SS managed to be in this list for its fantastic built-in features. No doubt you want to know what those are? Stick to the plan. This ice machine is capable of producing up to 50 lbs within 24 hours. Also, its storage capacity is 25 lbs which are convenient for use in a restaurant as well.

Furthermore, it has auto shut off features that make sure energy saving is efficient. You don’t have to incur the extra charges when your ice machine is in its idle time. The sleek design will utilize the small space under the counter hence enhancing the look of your kitchen with the stainless steel door and the black cabinets.



  • Makes enough ice for a demanding family
  • Sleek stainless steel door together with the black cabinet enhances your kitchen decor
  • Easy installation
  • Auto shutoff features aids in conserving energy
  • High-quality tasting ice produced


  • Expensive
  • Noisy to some extent

Bottom line
If you don’t like much hassle when you collect your desire for tasty ice in your family, then this is the right time to make your purchasing decision. In 24 hours you can get 50 lbs of ice without further delay. This ice machine is outstanding in the way it manages the resource to deliver high-quality ice cubes in its lifetime.

10. Orien FS-55IM 44-Built-In Undercounter Ice Maker

Key Features:

  • Listed for indoor use
  • Stainless steel door & black cabinets
  • Ice storage 25 lbs
  • Overall production of 44 lbs per day
  • Requires gravity drain (compulsory)

Orien FS-55IM marks the end of our top ten best under counter ice maker reviews today. Yes, it is incredible to have this ice machine since its features come in handy. Counting from the 44 pounds of ice you can obtain in a day, and the 25 pounds in can successfully store in one production. Even though it is used only for the indoor purpose, it’s doesn’t compromise its performance and maintenance in mind. It comes with a reversible door and the stainless steel handle that make opening easy. You are, however, required to set up a drain pump and inline filter to enhance its performance. It doesn’t come as easy as such since you will be required to incur additional cost to purchase. But, once you have it installed, it will filter minerals out of the water you want to make ice with and hence improving its taste.


  • Reversible door is a great invention
  • Clear ice production
  • The silver door and the black cabinets blend with the interior of any kitchen decor
  • Removable ice bin for convenience


  • Doesn't come with an inline water filter despite its price
  • Recommended only for indoor use

Bottom line
If you have been insisting on a high-quality under counter ice machine, then meet Orient Squad FS-55IM. This ice cubes maker has a front breathing cooling system that ensures swift operations. It can store up to 25 lbs of ice without compromising the quality of the ice produced or the rate of production.

Factors to consider when buying the best under counter ice maker

Under counter ice makers have come along way to existence, facing stiff competition from portable ice makers and other freezing compartments. However, due to their unique nature, it has some unbeatable qualifications which were not featured in its spectators. But before that, let’s shine some lights too what you should pay attention to whenever you seek one.

Capacity can sometimes outshine production rate, especially when you don’t need the ice too frequently even though in large quantities. Mostly, a higher capacity will serve an occasion or big parties where production rate is not overlooked.

However, if you desire to get ice too quickly, invest in a design that will take care of your needs. In this case, production rate counts.

Make sure you have the correct measurement of the space you wish to house the ice maker beforehand. This will give you the rough idea of the size of the ice maker that will fit without compromising performance. Usually, how much the ice maker can hold translates the amount of space you will need to set it up. Having a small area then you end up buying a machine that will not easily fit will bring more complications. Furthermore, go for a design that will be easy to install.

The aspect of size and capacity of an ice maker will influence the price of one under all circumstances. High-end devices will cost more due to their large capacities and higher production rates. On the other hand, the small varieties tend to be more affordable. You should not draw you the line between the two categories yet before you confirm with your own eyes. Some best brands come with water filters or the ability to produce nugget ice, that complements its overall price. If you only need the regular flakes, then do not buy a too stylish design that will compromise your budget.

Drain option
You wish to know which draining option makes the best under counter ice maker? Well, first of all, you should know that we only have two choices, therefore, check out which one you will find preferable to use. If the design you want has a drain within two feet from the ice machine then opting for gravity drain will come in handy. However, if it doesn’t facilitate the pump function, it would make more sense to go for the drain pump. Some ice machine comes with this option pre-installed, which is incredible, but when yours doesn’t have such privileges, do not panic.

Every under counter ice maker come with detailed installation instructions. So, if you are a handy savvy, setup may not be such complicated, but it’s never that easy anyway.  There is a lot to consider before you think of doing it yourself. Some consumers will hire a professional to do it for them, but isn’t that an extra cost added? Well, if you don’t want to gop through that cost, then you need to understand the installation requirement before placing your order.

Energy efficiency
Nowadays, having a home electronic gadget without Energy Star certification is wasteful, especially when you put monthly electricity expenses into play. We all want to cut our costs on bills as well as protecting the environment. Therefore, you should look for an energy efficient unit that will help you conserve energy.

Best Under counter ice maker buying guide

You may not need a buying guide to make a selection today, but due to increasing errors from customers about buying a product with lots of hiccups; we decided to include this buying guide. We do not want this to happen to anyone again in our watch. Stick to this guide and feel at home.

Production rate
The production rate for an under counter ice maker is an essential element to note if you expect your needs to be addressed. Slow ice production will require having a backup plan in the story or choose to do without. The implication here is quick production that comes with the best under counter ice maker will have no match. However, you need to understand that a few factors also influence the production rate in play. One of them is locating the machine in a confined place and begins to overheat. You will have a low production rate compared to when you situate it under the counter where it can easily breathe.

Type of ice
In the discussion, there are three major types of ice produced by most ice makers. So, based on your favourite kind of ice, if it’s nugget ice, crescent ice, cube ice or any other, you should buy the best under counter ice maker that will deliver what you want.

Look and style
Most ice makers do not come with aesthetics in mind, especially when the overall look is taken into consideration. There are three significant colours that may capture your eye; black, white or stainless steel, however, the door may come with the look of wood, all in favour of matching your decor. Form study, most customers prefer black or stainless steel as they correspond other kitchen appliances. However, you should not let the colour option make you miss the best under counter ice maker in the process.

Water filters
Having an inbuilt water filter for your device will not only remove sediments from the water before freezing takes place, but also improve the overall taste of your ice cubes. We have some models that do not come with inbuilt functions like the water filter, but you can still buy as part of your add-ons. Water filters play a significant role in ensuring the ice cubes produces are the fresh and improved smell.

No matter the type of appliance you buy, having a guarantee should be on your focal considerations. Warranty is here to instil confidence f purchase to consumers, showing that they stand behind their promise that it will last and deliver.  

Tips and tricks for using an under the counter ice maker

Before you do the “trial and error” with your new gadget, it is essential to learn the basic tips and tricks that will make your usage of the best under counter ice maker a breeze and profession-like. Let’s get to business.

Keep your water clean
Make sure you get this right if you wish for sparkling ice cubes. Every device requires cleanliness, and if high performance is your primary concern, then you should have this printed in your original notes. Cloudy or dirty ice cubes are not appealing, and this scenario is prevalent when you recycle the water or do not clean your ice maker. If many people shove their hands in the equipment, then chances of the constituents of the ice maker will be contaminated. Therefore, please put into practice swapping the water out, paving the way for freshness throughout the night.

Choose an appropriate location
Yes, ideally, under counter ice makers have a default location in your kitchen, which is under the counter. But, you can think otherwise if accessibility is your priority. What influences the location of most kitchen equipment is how easy is it to retrieve it in time on need. Our under counter ice maker reviews cover location as part of the incentives you will enjoy if you make the right decision.

Choice of a drain pump
There are two significant drain options pumps; the gravity drain and the drain pump. As it can be visible, gravity drain is for those varieties that have a drain near the ice maker. However, then the drain pump is suited for all conditions regardless.

Make sure it has enough breathed space
If you want your machine to work best, make sure it has proper ventilation. This mostly goes for stand-alone ice machines like the under counter designs. As we know, proper ventilation will mean the ice machine will function at its best. Therefore, if the icemaker you wish to buy has a vent on their bottom edges, then you are well covered. Cold air will be exchanged, ejecting warm air that has been used. Blocking the air from the system will overheat your ice machine and results are not any good.

Check the eligibility of a warranty
In our under counter ice maker reviews, warranty eligibility must be featured. It is important to note that the warranty will give you confidence that the operation of the gadget is meant to last. In this case, you should check whether the brand offer warranty cover and its span. You can contact your ideal supplier if you so which to gather more about the same. For those of you with gadgets that have not been subjected to any warranty, you can inquire from the manufacturer if they’ll allow it; mostly recent items can be submitted under some cost.


Among the many asked questions, we have chosen a few common ones that may also capture your concerns.

The much you wish to get. We cannot guarantee you how much you can receive, however, based on the capacity and production rate of the ice machine, you can determine whether the ice maker will deliver. Therefore, if you have a high demand for ice, check on the capacity and production that will suit your ice requirement.

The primary purpose of having a water filter is to get rid of the sediments which may be found in water to avoid contamination. The pure ice cube will also elevate your mood with a dedicated cup of your favourite drink. If you’ve ever found ice cubes with a bad smell or sediments settling at the bottom of your glass, then you should appreciate having the best under counter ice maker that is integrated with such functionalities.

This is dependant on how you handle it and the material used in the making. But we must agree that having a high-quality design does not guarantee you a long life if you do not maintain your ice machine or handle it with utmost care. The two go hand-in-hand.

The best under counter ice maker must have a dedicated water line; however, if your design doesn’t have, then you should seek a plumber. As it is, only portable ice makers have no necessity of having a water line. Therefore, you should be prepared to look for a design with a water line if you understand your needs correctly.

Final Thought

Having an under counter ice maker will bring more advantages than disadvantages, especially if you compare it to portable ice makers and freezers. One this is, it uses less power and facilitates ice making faster and in large quantities compares to its competitors. Now that you have gone through our Top 10 best under counter ice maker reviews, which one do you find appealing to you? Make your buying decision today.

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