Best Manual Coffee Grinders: Best Hand Coffee Grinders Reviews 2019

If you are happy with automatic grinders, then you’re lucky. Many people have been complaining over the efficiency of the electric coffee grinder to be quite noisy and heat-producing hence compromising the sweet taste and coffee aroma. Quite unfortunately it is. Our researchers have done an extensive research and identified a list of the best manual coffee grinders which are not only noise efficient but also economical in the eyes of the common consumer. Saving you the hassle of selecting, we have also done an overall review of the factors you need to consider as well as the buying guide. This time you don’t have to keep inquiring from other people anymore. A guide from the experts, manual coffee grinder reviews are here to salvage you.  

Our Recommendation

Top Pick

Porlex JP-30 Coffee Grinder

In our review, Porlex JP-30  Coffee Grinder was #6, having chosen it as the leader of the pack wasn’t easy due to stiff competition among other manual grinders. However, its static-free body, sleek design, and 30-gram capacity seized to be matched. This item contained steel body which is genuinely longlasting and can withstand harsh conditions, unlike glass varieties. Secondly, it allowed the ceramic burrs grind up to french press. This is a brilliant manual grinder if performance and durability are your primary concerns. So, if you need to gear your mornings with the perfect tool to guarantee you best wake up call, then this is the game you should play. 

Budget Pick

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

If you don’t believe that quality goes hand-in-hand with the price of an item, then you may be right Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill. Despite the low price, Hario never compromised the aroma and taste of any coffee beans it ground every day. Take a close look at its slim design that is space-saving and easy to use. Confirm with a removable handle that provides easy storage. You will get all that from this humble manual grinder of all times. It doesn’t mean having less investment will deny you the chance to enjoy great mornings with the best-crafted cup of coffee.

12 Best Manual (Hand) Coffee Grinders Reviews

1. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill "Skerton"

Key Features

  • HARIO heat-resistant glass
  • Ceramic conical burrs
  • Non-Slip rubber base
  • Hand driven grinder
  • Adjustable precise grind
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight, small and portable

If you have been looking for the best hand coffee grinders, then this is the time to hook you up with our #1 product in the list. It brings your desired texture in a rich cup of coffee. Think of the ceramic conical burr that mill your coffee precisely, and uniformly grind, simply to make your coffee brew smooth and tasty. Besides, you don’t have to worry yourself about the instability of your grinder since the non-slip rubber base is here to salvage you. Place it on the table with your grinder on top of it, then your whole experience is going to be fun. Lastly, the handle is detachable, and if you haven’t realized yet, compact storage and easy travel will have been taken care of.


  • Stability enhanced by the rubber base
  • Obtain desired texture
  • Compact hence easy to store
  • Small and lightweight for easy travel
  • Uniform grind thanks to the ceramic conical burrs


  • Much slower than electric models
  • Not consistent as such
  • Annoying to clean

Bottom line
For those who understand the power installed in ceramic conical burrs, would never waste time skipping this exceptional product. Not to question about its longlasting nature, this design, is a must-have. Place it on the rubber base and get your job done effectively that you imagined.

2. Handground Precision Coffee Grinder

Key Features:

  • 15 setting adjustable grind selector
  • 40mm ceramic conical burrs
  • Triple-mounted axle
  • Removable handle crank
  • One-year warranty

In order to achieve the consistency that many of coffee enthusiasts failed, it’s getting Handground Precision Coffee Grinder in your kitchen today. First off, it comes with 15 grind setting that will give you the precision in one cup. These settings will ensure a range of coffee richness is possible to obtain by simply using the hand crank mill to act on the coffee beans grade of your choice. So, if you are looking for the best manual coffee grinders, this is the time to fulfill your untamed desire.

Using the 40mm conical ceramic burr mill with the triple mounted axle, you will be able to eliminate wobble as well as maintaining 0.005 inches tolerance. These burrs are five times stronger and durable than the stainless steel blades used by common automatic grinders. This will also help in achieving a consistent grind all the time. This is the best companion for anyone wishing to enjoy coffee while on camps or traveling.


  • Durable and portable
  • Quiet and convenient, eliminating 90% of the noise
  • Worry-free warranty included
  • Added stability thanks to the triple mounted axles
  • 15 settings for desired precision
  • Consistent and grinds any bean


  • The handle is quite resistant hence the beans don’t always fall into the hopper
  • It is slow thus you have to invest some time to get the job done

Bottom line
Grind your favorite beans with this hassle-free equipment engaged by the conical ceramic burr mill which is not only long lasting but also consistent. Use the 15 adjustable settings to obtain the coarseness you desire. Let everyone know in the comments your amazing experience.

3. Hario Mini Mill

Key Features:

  • Ceramic mill installed
  • Slim sleek design
  • Easily removable parts hence portable
  • Comes with a removable handle
  • Beautiful touch
  • Rust-free

Hario Mini Mill is our #3 in the manual coffee grinder reviews that will guarantee a successive performance and replacement for your old models. You must be having questions about why we imply the above. This is the thing. If we consider the ability to store the equipment easily this gadget comes with easy to remove handle hence storage efficient. Secondly, you must be aware of how robust ceramic mills are when it comes to withstanding grinding tough beans. Therefore, having this grinder in your home will ease you the burden of continued replacement, unlike the steel made mills. Besides, its slim sleek design makes it easy to use, clean as well as space saving. It’s not a waste having this equipment in your kitchen, especially when you are a coffee enthusiast. Really it is one of the best manual coffee grinders.



  • Easy to use and clean
  • Longlasting ceramic mill for durability at stake
  • Portable and space saving
  • Quite cheap coffee grinder


  • Instructions come in Chinese
  • Very small

Bottom line
If your primary concerns are anything to do with space-saving design, easy to use and clean, then you have just made your decision to take home this construction. Many users have praised it for its progressive performance together with how beautiful it appears. You don’t have to reserve a big space for it to comfortably fit in your cabinets or counter. It is consistent too.

4. Cozyna Manual Grinder

Key Features:

  • Ceramic burrs
  • Slender durable stainless steel body
  • Adjustable grinder settings
  • Compatible with Aeropress
  • Lifetime warranty

For any consistent grinder to have credits, it must be praised by many consumers as well as attain better rating compared to its competitors. This is exactly what is happening with Cozyna Manual Grinder. It doesn’t matter you are using it for french press or Aeropress, this grinder will take it to the next level. Blade grinders are known to produce inconsistent results, but this conical burr grinder does more of controlling the grind than providing maximum espressos. You have to, however, adjust the grind size you need to obtain from this grinder. Turn the knob either clockwise or anticlockwise for you to engage the grind setting you desire for perfection. It’s so compact, and this enables it to occupy limited space in your storage cabinet or counter.



  • Conveniently extract aroma and flavor
  • Makes a variety of coffee drinks
  • Steel casing is durable and eco-friendly
  • Portable and easy controlling
  • Uniformly grind your coffee


  • Takes longer time to get the job done
  • Small capacity mechanism

Bottom line
Among these manual coffee grinder reviews, you will find out that this variety is able to uniformly grind your coffee to the adjusted level of setting you to provide to it. Also, its steel case makes it ideal for camping and traveling companion for coffee lovers. You don’t have to keep your best coffee away from you on your trips. Take it anywhere you go.

5. Porlex Minimill

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel body
  • Ceramic conical burrs
  • 47 mm diameter
  • 20-gram capacity
  • static-free body
  • 130 mm tall

Porlex Mini mill is another wow grinder from Porlex suppliers. They do not disappoint in the way they handle any coffee brew, transforming them into fine espresso or great cappuccinos. You may also be interested in the capacity which manufacturers indicated as 20 grams, enough for a few cups of coffee. You don’t have to purchase a high capacity grinder when you only need a few cups for that matter. Its height is 130 mm while 47 mm in diameter hence taking less space in your cabinet. Lastly is about the nature of the blades that is ceramic burrs, which are renowned for their durable and efficient, though quite costly.



  • Ample capacity
  • Static-free body
  • Stainless steel, durable and environmental friendly
  • Quite economical


  • Requires intense care
  • Small and time consuming

Bottom line
If you are looking for a static-free manual grinder, this is your chance to win yourself one of the best hand coffee grinders. Obtain a range of grinding from powder to french press at your convenience. That’s is all a coffee lover would want like forever.

6. Porlex JP-30

Key Features:

  • Ceramic burr grinder
  • Stainless steel metal body
  • Rust-free and static-free
  • Economical
  • Small and sleek design
  • Has inner springs

From the study, Porlex is a popular company from Japan specialized in food processing. Their products are brilliant especially when you consider long lastingness as your priority. So, if you’re looking for the best hand coffee grinders, Porlex JP-30 can surprise you with the way it handles its coffee beans using less energy and obtaining high-quality results. Its case is made or stainless steel, material which is static free and indestructible, therefore last longer than ordinary designs. This gives it the impression for indoor and outdoor use, especially when you going out camping. One other factor making it rank highly is its ability to loosen up dirt whenever it’s stained. Water is enough to make it clean, in the making, this design is rust-free, thanks to its stainless steel body. You have it available for you to make a decision today.



  • Indestructible and durable
  • Static-free and rust-free
  • Perfect for both indoor outdoor use
  • Consistent and easy to clean


  • Brushed steel is fairly difficult to hold when a work
  • The handle is quite less stable

Bottom line
It’s 30 grams capacity might seem very small, but it’s quite sizable compared to its competitors that are mostly 20 grams. Grab this rust-free and static-free design to get one heel of a coffee cup grind. It’s all you ask for and it’s here to make it work for you.

7. Foruchoice Vintage Style

Key Features:

  • Easy hand crank
  • Convenient catch drawer
  • Cast iron & ceramic core coffee grinder mills
  • Vintage look
  • High-quality pine wood construction

If you are quickly moved by wooden finish in your home equipment, then it’s no doubt Foruchoice Vintage Style will capture your eye. Learn of its easy manual hand crank that easily rotates to ensure no bean is left uncrushed. You don’t always need an electric plug to settle at your best result. After a few times of use, you will surely craft this as one of your best hand coffee grinders. With the convenient catch drawer, you can easily reach out to your product of the grind. The cast iron coffee grinder mills conveniently leaving no mess to clearing the container. The vintage look on the hand makes it a functional piece of that is attractive to your home decor.



  • Fun and attractive vintage look
  • A functional piece of a grinder
  • High-quality pine wood construction
  • Simple change settings


  • Very small in size
  • Takes quite too long to prepare

Bottom line
If you are amused by the vintage appearance of the manual grinder, this is a functional pine wood construction which adds to your home decor. It comes with the convenient catch drawer making it more stylish than ever. You will gladly love this creation.

8. Handground Precision Coffee Grinder

Key Features:

  • 15 adjustable grind setting
  • 40 mm ceramic conical burrs
  • Triple-mounted axle
  • Removable hand crank mechanism
  • Full coverage warranty

Handground Precision Coffee Grinder is a crafted conical ceramic burr grinder with a triple mounted axle which plays a major role in eliminating wobble and enhancing stability. Therefore, it is five times durable than the stainless steel blades. The removable hand crank plays a significant role in eliminating up to 90% of noise produced by the competitive electric grinders. This makes it a good companion for camping and traveling. Mention of its grind selector with 15 to give you the precision level you will love. This manual grinder was manufactured with coffee enthusiasts in mind.


  • Simple to use and clean
  • Consistent grinding all the time
  • Variety of grinding options
  • Triple-mounted axle for wobble-free operation
  • Quiet, durable and portable


  • Relatively slow
  • The beans sometimes get stuck in the process hence no falling in the hopper

Bottom line
In this hand coffee grinder reviews, this gadget is featured due to its stability to avoid wobbling aided by the axle. This enables it to achieve consistent results compared to traditional coffee grinders. The ability to eliminate 90% of the noise as compared to electric grinders makes it come in handy.

9. ROK Coffee Grinder

Key Features:

  • Easily removable washers
  • Non-slip ring
  • Easily adjustable handle for left-hand users
  • Durable die-cast aluminum
  • Stainless steel conical burrs
  • Included grounds cup

Traditional manual grinders used to be very noisy, especially when the environment around you is a pin-drop silence. It’s hectic, we know that. But these days efficiency have improved and our best hand coffee grinder reviews have presented ROK Coffee Grinder as one of the top-notch gears. One of the most anticipated features is the ability to switch between stepped and stepless grinding which is easy thanks to the removable set of washers. Its consistency and stability are competing with that of the electric grinders. Also, it’s quite quiet compared to most electric grinders. Therefore, if you have been looking for the best hand coffee grinders, you must have not yet met ROK Coffee Grinder. It doesn’t matter you are a left-handed person, you simply have to detach the handle and make it just the way you love it.



  • Adjustable handle for left-handed users
  • Sliding and wobbling cubed by the non-slip handle
  • Easy to switch between stepped and stepless grinding
  • Quiet and consistent
  • Stable than electric grinders


  • The most expensive in our list
  • Affected by static charge
  • Arm quite too long

Bottom line
If you have been troubled by noise and wobbling pieces of equipment, then today you just had an awesome manual grinder which does not poetry such inconveniences. This is none other than the best hand coffee grinders available for you. Ship one and enjoy consistent and stable grinding experience ever.

10. Zassenhaus Santtago Coffee Mill

Key Features:

  • Hardened carbon steel
  • Mahogany beech wood case
  • Knurled adjustment knob
  • Gold finish
  • Beautiful design

If you were keen about how manual grinders evolved since 1904, then the foundation of its future success is too close to coming by when you have ZASSENHAUS SANTIAGO COFFEE MILL in your home today. This is an over 150 years of experience but still touches the market like its daily cup of tea. Any coffee beans you throw at it, you will get genuine results. You can adjust the grind setting to suit your purpose. This adjustment is located below the crank for easy and straightforward operation. What many people haven’t realized about manual grinders, especially this particular design is that it doesn’t produce any heat that may otherwise tamper with the delicate aroma of freshly ground beans. Lastly, the conical burr grinder is crafted from high grade hardened carbon steel that is tough and durable for a long lasting service.



  • Classic and elegant wood and gold finish
  • Delicate rich aroma
  • Uniform and consistent grind
  • Easy open and clean


  • Very expensive for individuals with low budget
  • Difficult to switch between coarse to fine grind

Bottom line
If you want to obtain not just uniform but also consistent results every time you use your grinder then you better make up your mind and choose ZASSENHAUS SANTIAGO COFFEE MILL. Wish to say more, but a lot you’ll find as you keep using this fantastic creation.

11. Peugeot 31152 Antique Coffee Mill

Key Features:

  • Drawer capacity 8 TBSP
  • Hopper capacity 7 TBSP
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Fully adjustable manual burrs
  • Lifetime warranty to the interior

This is a France product, certified woodcraft with drawer capacity of 8 tablespoons and Hooper about 7 tablespoons. It’s fully adjustable with manual burr type mill that efficiently cracks and grinds beans consistently as you desire. Also, it quickly produces results offering maximum flavor than ordinary design. Even more, it utilizes a stainless steel mechanism that involves using knives which are durable in preparing your coffee grind in a simple and amazing way. This material is durable and resistant to corrosion. Its consistency ensures you obtain finely powdered coffee that suits espresso and fine cappuccinos. Its manufacturers added a lifetime warranty for a worry-free purchase, however, the exterior it only governs five years due diminishing wood finish.



  • Beautiful wood finish
  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Consistent is delivering fine espresso


  • Not as longlasting like ceramic burrs
  • Very costly hardwood case

Bottom line
Whoever doubted the steel blades’ performance in maintaining a consistent output was wrong about how it can deliver fine espresso. This design is resistant to corrosion, unlike other materials which will disappoint in the long run. Lifetime warranty for interior damage.

12. Eparé Manual Coffee Grinder

Key Features:

  • 15 precise settings
  • Ergonomic design
  • Removable magnetic handle
  • Ceramic burr grinder
  • Weighs 21 oz

The aim of most burr grinders it to produce a required amount of grind, with levels matching your desires. Achieving this might seem complicated, but with Eparé Manual Coffee Grinder, it’s all possible. With 15 grind settings, select your preferred grind to fill your favorite style with ease. Its performance is that resembling automatic electric grinders. This ergonomic design fits in your palm easily granting it the chance to be ranked as one of the best hand coffee grinders. It stays put within your hands using the gripping pads it comes with. Remove the magnetic handle for an effortless cleaning as well as ambient storage ease. It’s a perfect size for traveling as well as camping and other outdoor activities. This ceramic grinder offers you a consistent grinding that is unmatched by the steel grinders currently on the market. Get a limited lifetime warranty by confirming with your manufacturer for a worry-free operation.


  • Cleaning with warm water
  • Easy to maintain due to its simplicity
  • Gripping pads is convenient
  • 15 grind settings for a perfect cup


  • Doesn’t grind for espresso
  • Sticky bottom

Bottom line
Most grinders do not have gripping mechanisms making grinding a tough experience, especially when you need to have it done in a few minutes. However, this design is the master of all times. The gripping pad makes it stand out and exceptional. You won’t have any regret stumble on you anymore.

Factors to consider when buying the best manual coffee grinders

Finding an exclusive coffee grinder from the market is not a walk in the park. Most people have made some little mistakes which costed them enormously. Now that you know the consequences of not researching well enough, this guide will cater to the doubts. Buying pre-ground coffee will not guarantee you the richest coffee flavor, as we all know that coffee tends to lower its rich flavor once ground. Therefore, grind your own coffee to obtain the level of freshness and taste. Let’s get to business.

1. Grind size

This is the primary reason that will influence your cup of coffee, whether you want it fine in espresso, or coarse like the regular cappuccinos. This brings us to s stepped grinder and a stepless grinder. A stepless grinder is known for its infinite number of grind options to give you the desired richness. However, it is difficult to maintain the settings over and over again. But when you come to a stepped grinder, it is easy to replicate the size setting due to the limited number of ground size setting. It is for this reason that most beginners are emphasized to use this type grinder for fine espresso.

2. The capacity of the grinder

For anyone looking for the best manual coffee grinders, capacity is a very important case to check out. Every grinder has its own amount it can work on in order to perfect the results. But, it’s pointless to look for a high capacity grinder when you just aiming to make your own coffee. The same will happen when you need to regularly grind coffee for your family then you go for a smaller capacity. Look for something that will accommodate the requirement of the coffee lovers.

3. Cost

Coffee grinders are not any cheap, so, your budget concerns should be placed in order. We know that if you are looking for the best hand coffee grinders, you better be ready to spend much, especially when you want to use for a long run. Blade grinders are somewhat affordable to everyone, but if you don’t want to keep buying new models every year or two, if that’s so, god for the high-quality models so you can save yourself the hassle.

4. The speed of the grinder

If you are fascinated by how faster a grinder should be, then let we tell you that you are in the hideout away from the best manual coffee grinders. While speed is associated with fast driven motors, the heat generated by the moving parts impose risks to burning the coffee and in return affecting the aroma and flavor of the coffee. On the other hand, slow-moving grinders have a tendency to give fine espresso due to maximum extraction. Make your choice wisely.

Best hand coffee grinders buyer's guide

While making your own coffee is considered an easy way to obtain a rich cup at a less cost in the long run, without a guide on how to influence the best alternative can lead to imperfections. Let’s make it clear, we came up with this guide to aid in enhancing your choice.

1.Overall size

The size of any kitchen equipment you wish to go by, you should consider its potential space to occupy. Like it is common to have limited countertops or cabinet sizes, buy something that will fit conveniently without having to call a plumber for additional space. That’s inappropriate especially when you consider the extra cost you will incur in the long run. So, when you wish for a coffee grinder, make sure size is your first thing to check.

2. Noise

No one love noise, especially when it’s from the kitchen in the morning after a long resting night. This calls for a grinder that will not make your kitchen experience seem like you are in a workshop. Besides, you can end this menace with the choice of a burr grinder instead. And not just it, a conical burr grinder seems quieter than a flat burr grinder. Notably, a burr grinder is more efficient than blade grinders in the making. So, make your way to ask online, or simply check on the reviews online especially from professional reviewers. It all starts there.

3. Material used

The common materials used can either be ceramic burrs or stainless steel alternatives. Stainless burrs are very common, and how they work is undoubtedly good. Even though you’ll have the hassle of replacing them after some years of use, finding their replacement won’t be as hard either. On the other hand, ceramic burrs are longlasting and exceptional whenever we put fine espresso into account. It is for this reason that they cost a fortune. However, you will have to withstand the fact that once its broken, replacement is hard to come by. It’s not a bad idea either, just bear with the costs.

4. Ease of use/cleaning

While some people put all their focus on the quality grind, some simply check on how easy it is to operate as well as the cleaning process. If you need the best manual coffee grinders, you have to ensure you craft your kitchen with an easy to use the grinder. However, if you are not frustrated by a complicated machine, then you are good with any variety.

Tips and tricks for using the best manual coffee grinder

If you are not watchful enough, you will take quite a long time before you master the proper ways to become your own barista. But with these tips, count yourself lucky today. Learning these simple tricks will not only help you obtain fresh coffee but also ensure the aroma is elevated.

1. Frequent cleaning of your grinder

For you to obtain the most out of your grinder, you need to make cleaning your habit. Coffee beans are renowned for their oily and sticky nature so accumulating on parts of the grinder is inevitable. Therefore, do not spoil the natural flavor of your coffee by allowing these stains to destroy the flavor in the making. Brush areas of contact and in each day, wipe the grind chamber or deep clean in a span of four months.

2. Adjust your grinder settings properly

Yes, coffee beans produce an array of taste and aroma depending on adjusted grind setting. If you need a very fine espresso, be sure to adjust your grinder to provide what you are looking for, otherwise, every grinder has its own maximum settings depending on how the manufacturer programmed it. Make sure you study your grinder well to understand how it operates for perfect espresso and cappuccinos.

3. Maintain your grinder as dry as possible

It’s great cleaning your grinder frequently, but make sure you maintain it at its driest level. This is to minimize the coffee from sticking on the parts of the grinder as well as preventing the ground from flowing easily. It is your turn to make that happen especially if you want to obtain an immeasurable performing tool. Constantly monitor your grinder before you embark on the grinding process.

4. Use a suitable coffee brand

Just like grinders, choosing a great coffee translates to better tasting brews. Why have a top-notch grinder only to use it with ordinary coffee beans? It’s definitely a waste. We don’t want you to fall into such occasions. You can make research on the best brands to use, but we already provided for you in our review, hand coffee grinder reviews.. However, you can simply ask the manufacturer on the same and see what you can do about that. Meanwhile, settle for an exceptional brand that will not disappoint your ability to make great cappuccinos.

5. Don’t let stuck beans reduce the efficiency of your grinder

It can be overwhelming trying to dislodge a bean stuck in the grinder, especially when you are close to getting the best results. Therefore, you may be required to explore some additional methods besides using your fingers or a pencil for some cases. If it’s not responding positively, you may have to disassemble the entire system to ensure it’s done the right way. Stuck beans can not only damage the blade but also affect the grinding process adversely. You wouldn’t want that to happen, do you? Well, if that’s the case, conform to what we advise you for consistent and perfect results.

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We discussed this on the buying guide, however, we can still repeat it here. Both are good choices since they all come with their benefits. Ceramic burrs are more durable than stainless steel varieties, however, their replacement cost is quite hard to bear. On the other hand, stainless steel is longlasting, but not as much as ceramic grinders. The beauty behind stainless steel burrs mills is the availability of a replacement is readily available at a consumer cost. We mean, pocket-friendly. So, you should compare your budget and your desires to make it happen.

The average turnaround time for mostly best manual coffee grinders is estimated at three minutes. This is not a lot of time to invest. Remember, manpower is needed to drive this machine, so, the faster you do it the quicker the process. But take care not to be too hard on the equipment because the results won’t be as friendly. You might break parts of the grinder or hurt yourself in the process.

It’s not always the case. You may find a good grinder, the likes of Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill, at an affordable price. However, it’s not necessarily mean its quality is that low. At the same time, not always highly products will symbolize great performance, sometimes looks may deceive. But we know that extra cost will translate to better craftsmanship.  Meanwhile, spending more for a manual grinder should give you the quality as you expect otherwise it will be a waste.


This discussion contained a comprehensive guide to obtaining the best manual coffee grinders from the market online. We are glad you skimmed till the end and we are certain you got served. Many people make mistakes, and even though mistakes are part of our lives, some are unbearable. Therefore, we will not let this one find you on our watch. In the process, if you feel we have left some information pending, you can let us know in the comment section to update on our hand coffee grinder reviews. Good luck!

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