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I’m Mira Dessy, and this is the blog I and my team dedicate to sharing everything you need to know about a healthy lifestyle around the kitchen.

Why Healthy Eating Matters to Us

Healthy Kitchen 101We were struck by the fact that the most terrifying epidemic we’re dealing with right now is obesity.

Almost 40% of the US population were obese as of 2016, while the figure was roughly 43% in Europe.

The condition is associated with high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, type II diabetes, which can later progress into serious major diseases regarding organ dysfunction: loss of vision, impaired kidney diseases, etc. It is caused by, apart from genetic problems, the overconsumption of foods, usually calories-dense foods.

Since we’re not at the place to modify our genes, and doing exercises was not found to contribute much to weight loss, healthy eating is the most crucial, effective way to prevent obesity.

It’s the diet! It’s what you put into your body that matters.

However, we truly acknowledge how most of us are too busy to plan a decent menu for the week and that processed, fast food is just too convenient to be skipped.

That’s the reason we founded My Kitchenery, to make wholesome eating and healthy living a joy, instead of a burden.

What We Do

Wholesome Recipes: We aspire to build a diverse collection of recipes, offering everyone more options of foods that are well-balanced (yes, we do have more than just salads!), yet super simple and easy to cook.

Kitchen Equipment Reviews: You will also find here kitchen appliances that will be reviewed in details when we test out new recipes. These make work in the kitchen and the whole house much easier, more time-efficient and more convenient.

We do hope to have our work acknowledged widely, delivering the spirit of a healthy lifestyle. If this is also what you aim for, how about staying in touch?